Default to Love: A Collection of Behavioral Valentines

At the Behavioral Scientist, we know nothing says love and romance more than sharing a deep understanding of our behaviors and biases.

For the last few years, a group of behavioral science Casanovas have banded together to produce poetry aimed at wooing your system 1 and winning over your system 2 in 140 characters or less: #behavioralvalentines.

To maximize the most passionate time to be a part of the behavioral science community, we teamed up with our friends at ideas42 to take the beloved #behavioralvalentines campaign to the next level.

We hope you join us on Twitter on Wednesday, February 14th by tweeting your own masterpieces using #behavioralvalentines. And with Twitter’s expansion to 280 characters, you have twice as much room to revel in your own digital behavioral science ballads this Valentine’s Day.

Finally, in the highly likely event that you’ve procrastinated on penning your own poems, we’ve made sending a top-quality valentine to your intended hassle-free: Just click a valentine below for a direct link to share!

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