Submission Guidelines

The Behavioral Scientist welcomes pitches for articles from researchers, practitioners, and journalists. We’re always interested in articles that get us thinking and help our readers better understand human behavior.

We look for articles that:

  • Help us understand current events using the insights of behavioral science
  • Explain new findings in a way that’s engaging and useful to non-specialists
  • Explore today’s most pressing social, political, economic, and technological challenges through a behavioral science lens
  • Show how people can use the insights from behavioral science in their own lives
  • Take on issues related to the science of behavioral science (in a way that’s engaging to non-scientists, too)

You may want to explore our site and think about which type of article best suits your idea. If you have an idea for an article, please send us a pitch—a few sentences that explain what the story is, why it’s important to our readers, and what form you think it should take.

You can send your pitch to We don’t have a specific time frame in which we review submissions, but we do respond to every pitch.

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