Print Edition #1 – This Is the Behavioral Scientist

Print Edition #1 – This Is the Behavioral Scientist

Behavioral Scientist in Print

After we launched in 2017, readers began expressing their interest in a print version. So, in 2019, we did a special, limited release of Print Edition #1 – This is the Behavioral Scientist, featuring 15 of our favorite articles and interviews, plus our most popular cartoons from our start as a digital publication.

Originally printed for a limited release at an event and early donors, we’ve just made the copies we held in reserve available here.

Each print edition is a creative endeavor, where we expand beyond our digital platform and use a new form to investigate the world of human behavior. We plan to publish one print edition each year.


– 15 of our best articles and interviews (80+ pages) from leading behavioral scientists—including best-selling authors, industry and government experts, and interdisciplinary scholars at the forefront of the field

– Authors include: Adam Grant, Dan Pink, Rory Sutherland, Chiara Varazzani, Shahzeen Attari, and more.

– A selection of our most popular behavioral science cartoons

– Topics include: designing for well-being in cities and at work, the battle between human and algorithm, moving beyond the invisible hand in Econ 101, the behavioral scientist’s ethics checklist, why timing is everything and everything is timing, plus more

– Insights and ideas about human behavior that stand the test of time. Great for all knowledge levels

– Beautiful design and feel, featuring a robust paper weight and matte finish

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– Copyright, 2018. Limited release, 2019. Reserves Release, 2021.


Delivered anywhere in the world. Shipping: $5 U.S., $10 global.

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