Media Partnerships

The Behavioral Scientist welcomes syndication and co-publishing partnerships. Outlined below are the reasons the Behavioral Scientist can help your organization deliver unique and essential insights to your readers. Please email the Editor-in-Chief, Evan Nesterak at, if you are interested in learning more about partnering with the Behavioral Scientist.

Why Partner with the Behavioral Scientist?

We are the only media organization that specializes in publishing commentary from leading behavioral science researchers, practitioners, and journalists. We primarily publish two types of articles: analysis of current events through the lens of behavioral science and reports on the latest developments in the field.

Our writers come from colleges and universities, businesses, governments, and nonprofits from across the United States, Europe, and Australia. They have backgrounds across a wide range of disciplines—psychology, economics, design, organizational behavior, public policy, political science, sociology, network science, philosophy, engineering, and neuroscience. Their expertise touches on a diverse set of topics—education, health care, politics, business, environment, law, immigration, and technology.

Our editorial team has experience in the leading behavioral science labs and newsrooms, including ideas42, Behavioral Science and Policy Association, Character Lab, and NPR.

Why Partner Now?

Behavioral science touches every aspect of our lives, including the technology we use, the places we work, the laws that guide us, and the classrooms where we send our children. For readers, this means the insights from behavioral science are just as interesting as they are essential.

Our articles stand out for two reasons:

  1. At a time when reaction is often prized over rationale, articles on the Behavioral Scientist provide the scientific foundation necessary to have a productive conversation about the topics people care about most.
  2. Our writers are also the doers. Their knowledge and experience combined with our editorial expertise creates a perspective and product you can’t find anywhere else.

Ways We Can Partner

Bring Behavioral Science to Your Audience

If your publication covers a wide range of topics, a metropolitan newspaper for example, you may be interested in syndicating a series of articles, covering a range of topics, on a weekly or monthly basis. Currently, only a few of the largest news outlets have the personnel and resources required to consistently bring their readers insights from behavioral science. By partnering with the Behavioral Scientist, news organizations can compete in areas previously out of reach.

Topic-specific Partnerships

If your publication specializes in a specific topic area, like technology for instance, you may be interested in syndicating our articles that cover the intersection of technology and behavioral science. You may also be interested in syndicating specific columnists who specialize in behavioral science and technology.

Single Article

If you’d like republish a single article please send us an email using the address below. In your email please include information about your organization, which article you’d like to republish, and your timeframe.

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with the Behavioral Scientist, please email the Editor-in-Chief Evan Nesterak at