Humans vs. AI in the Quest to Be the Bard of #BehavioralValentines

For the past few years, the behavioral science community has converged on February 14th for a momentous occasion: swapping out flowers and chocolate-covered treats for behaviorally informed tweet poetry, or as we like to call them on The Internet, #BehavioralValentines.

But just as science is ever evolving, so too is how we mark this special day. New tools enable new approaches, and new challenges bring out our most creative thinking. In this era of ChatGPT, of predictive text generators, of algorithms that can properly punctuate, we ask: Can AI write its way into our nerdy hearts?

This is the year of #BehAIvioralValentines.

In collaboration with one of our own perennial Valentines and partners, ideas42, we have collected a set of valentines written by AI and by authentic, emotional humans. Take the quiz to help us decide whether humans still reign as the supreme bards of behavioral valentines. And afterward, sharpen your poesy and share your own behavioral valentines with us on Twitter for a dose of levity, learning, and behavioral science love.

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