the psych report

Art: A Tail or a Song?

In his new book, The Aesthetic Brain, Anjan Chatterjee utilizes neuroscience and evolutionary psychology to explore three critical questions in the field of aesthetics: What is beauty? What is pleasure? What is art?

Babies and the Science of Morality

In his new book, Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil, Yale psychologist Paul Bloom examines the concept of morality: its scope, its challenges, and what research into the moral lives of babies can reveal.

Textbook of the Future?

College education is too expensive, and textbooks are part of the problem. This is the thinking that motivated two psychologists to create an online platform to provide up-to-date, fully-customizable text books, for free.

The Cognitive Burden of Poverty

Nobody is perfect. At times we have difficulty managing our finances, we don’t always take our medications as planned, and sometimes we don’t perform up to par at work.